Making Life Easier....

This weekend I did 2 things that will make my life easier and I am very happy about both.

The first thing I did is went out Saturday and bought this for myself.

I love my Blackberry and for 1 simple reason.  I can make the font bigger so that I can read the screen Ü   As I have gotten older my eyes are giving out on me and it was so frustrating trying to see the screen and keys on my Motorola Razor.  And something else that makes me happy is that my Blackberry has a calendar with reminders.  I live and die by my Outlook calendar at work and this is very similar.

The 2nd thing that I did this weekend to make my life easier is this:

I love this purse and but it has a big middle pocket which drives me crazy and is always in the way.  I don't use it.  So I took scissors and cut it out.  I figured what the heck, it's my purse and no one else is going to use it.  And now it is the perfect purse!!!

Sometimes it's the little things that make life so much easier.  And why I wait so long to do these things is beyond me at times.  So today go out and do something to make your life easier!!

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Tracy said...

I too am having trouble seeing finer print. Hubby says its an age thing, I refuse to believe him LOL.
I agree it is the little things that make our lives easier.
Humm my life would be easier if I got rid of my vehicle, then I couldn't be everyones taxi and would have to stay home all day. Maybe I'd get something done LOL

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