Antique Fair Finds

What a beautiful weekend we ended up having weather wise.  Saturday was in the high 70's and Sunday was 82 degrees at one point.  Now that's the kind of weather we are suppose to be having this time of year not RAIN.  Which by the way, it's raining again today.

Anyway as I mentioned this weekend was a big weekend in our small town with our Annual Butter & Eggs Day Parade and Antique Fair.  The hubby and I went downtown Sunday morning to the fair just to see what goodies we could find.

It's all outside and the streets were packed with people and great vendors.  Now I know that we have don't as good of antiques as back east but I was amazed at some of the stuff that I saw.  And it was a good thing hubby was with me or I would have come home with alot more.  But every time I looked at a piece of furniture I would hear "Um Honey where are you going to put that?" and it would stay with the vendor.  It's a good thing I don't have a bigger house cause it would be packed to the gills with antique furniture :)

Anyway I thought I would share what treasures I found with you:

I love old window frames that you put pictures in and I was thrilled and so was hubby when we found this one.  I can't decide if I want to repaint and crackle it or leave it as is.  And we thought we might leave those pictures in it as a conversation starter.  But believe me the purple paper is going, it doesn't go with the new living room and it's ugly!

So anyone that knows me, know that I LOVE Dogs.  So I just couldn't pass these guys up.  Not sure where I am going to put them yet but I will find a place.  There are so ugly they are cute!

And last but not least there was a lady there that had a whole basket of old picture frames painted pick and white and she had decorated them with silk roses and pearls.  They were just calling my name cause they would look darling in my scrap studio.  But when I picked them up and saw that she wanted $20 a piece I stopped listening :)   So in another booth this guy had a whole pile of old frames for $5 a piece and I bought 4 of them.  And I was going to paint them black and put them up in the scrap studio but have since changed my mind and will keep them the way they are and hang them in the living room.  The gold color matched my new lamps really well and they will be something different on the walls.

So these were all my finds at the Antique Fair.  I am pretty happy with everything I brought home and can't wait to get them up in my home.

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Another One Done!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  I don't know about you but I am ready for this week to be over.  And yeah our weather is suppose to be in the mid 70's this weekend.  Just in time for our annual Butter & Eggs Day Parade and Antique Fair downtown this weekend.
One thing I did get done this week is another layout for our Disney album.  I figured since I did all of the retail therapy last weekend I better use some of it up. :)

This is a layout of the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Disneyland.  And if you look really close there is a picture of the archway that you walk under which is all bats.  That's way I thought this paper was perfect.  I did the title with my Cricut and some vellum.  I also used those metalic chalks that I bought at the convention to make the bats stand out a little more.  I am a big chicken of scary rides and just watching a video of this ride on YouTube scared me so I can't imagine actually being on this thing.  I am envious of people who can get on these types of rides and have a blast.

This is a close up the bats.  I used SCAL and my Cricut so that I could add the words into the body of the bat.  Then I put behind them so the words would show up.

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Here are the Critters

I was just thinking the other day that the name of my blog is " Crafts and Critters" but I've yet to put up pictures of Maggie & Wyatt.  Over the weekend I finally got some decent pictures of them and thought I would share.  I am not a very good pet photograph but I pratice alot and these 2 now run when I have the camera out :)

This is my little Queen Maggie - she rules the house and everyone in it.
She is my shadow and every where that I go she follows.  She crawls in bed with me every night and then proceeds to push hubby out.

And this is Wyatt Earp - I caught him right as he was getting ready to take a nap, so he doesn't always look this grumpy.   Usually he is the biggest doofus with the best personality.   Even though he is 70 lbs., he is pretty much a big baby and runs to Mom when ever he is scared.

So these are our 2 furbabies.  Spoiled rotten and well loved.  Can't imagine what a day would be like with them not around.

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Retail Therapy Anyone?

So have you every had one of those days where it seems like everyone but you is out doing something fun?  I had one of those days on Saturday.  Hubby and our youngest daughter were at a baseball game and oldest daughter and boyfriend were spending the day visiting grandparents and I was home with a list of stuff to get done like grocery shopping and cleaning the house.  I should add at this point that Hubby did say to leave it all until Sunday and we would do it together but I couldn't do that. 

And besides Michael's, Joann's & Beverly's were all having great sales.  Michael's ad this past week wsas unbelievable with almost everthing 40% off and Joann's was pretty much the same thing.  And then I got an email from Beverly's for a "Beat the Clock" sale were everything in the store was an extra 25% between 9am & noon.

So guess what I did????  That's right I went shopping!!!!  Not that I needed anything :)  But I got some great deals.  Beverly's had their Bazzill paper 2/$1.00 along with the 25% off so I stocked up on some new colors. An at Joann's I had a 50% off coupon and I've been needing some new pens for cardmaking so I got a new set along with a great book on Mini Albums.

So I thought I would share what I came home with:

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No More Rain

I like rainy Sundays as much as the next person but this has got to stop.  It poured on Easter Sunday and this past Sunday it poured again.  It's April and we got over 2 inches of rain.  That just doesn't happen in April were I live most years.  We are so over saturated with rain I don't think my yard is ever going to dry out.

But I will say this, at 5 pm Sunday afternoon hubby was outside BBQing (Thank God for a covered patio) and called for me to come out there.  When I got out there this is what I saw.

And that made our rainy Sunday perfect!!

I am hoping that was our last Sunday like that but I am thinking Mother Nature has other ideas cause they are already talking more rain this weekend.  I am beginning to feel like we live in Washington instead of California.

How's your weather been?  Normal for this time of year?  Let me know I am not alone :)

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Easter Treats!!

I love holidays - always have always will but as my kids have gotten older and are now grown up I always have that internal struggle of "should I or shouldn't I" of doing Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. And in the end the part of me that loves the holidays wins and I end up doing them. But it seems always at the last minute. And this Easter was no different.

The day before Easter I decided that yes my kids still need Easter baskets even if they are grown adults. So off I went to Target hoping there was still some good stuff left in the stores.

Once I got home I had to decide what I was going to put everything in. Last year I did chocolate bunnies for everyone with just one basket full of candy - but I didn't like that.

So I got out my Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge and cut out 6 of the nut cups as big as I could make them. Next I found some Easter patterned paper, a lacy punch, my cuttlebug and embossing folders and came up with these. They held just enough goodies for everyone and looked a little more grown up on the table.

Here are some close up of them:

I think they came out rather cute for a last minute idea. And everyone was happy to get them along with their chocolate bunnies. And it was so nice that I had all the supplies I needed right here in my scrap room. That's one of the pluses to having a lot of stuff :)

However, I have decided that no more last minute holiday projects. I like doing Easter baskets and stockings at Christmas and I am not going to fight it anymore. So I've already started on what I want to do at Christmas this year.

I hope that all of you had a fun Easter and also got a chocolate bunny or Easter basket.

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Scrapbook Expo

This is probably my most favorite part of March!! Getting to spend a weekend with my sister and niece. They live in another state and we don't get to see each near enough. I really miss having my sister around.

They came down and spent the weekend with us to go to Scrapbook Expo with Kendall and I. We had a great time and picked up lots of deals. Although I was kinda surprised to see so many Dollar booths this year at the expo. But I guess with the economy the way it is, dollar items sell better. I didn't buy as much as I usually do but I had a hard time justifying spending money when I already have a room full of stuff to use. I am bummed because I guess I totally missed some great deals in the SEI booth. When I went by there the line was sooooo long and I had already been trapped in one booth. Oh well there is always another Expo.

One of the things that I love doing at the Expos is taking classes. We don't really have any where close by to take classes and I love learning new techniques. And one of my all time favorite companies is Boxer Scrapbook Productions, so I signed up for their "Princess Puppy and people too." class. Because I have a princess (Maggie May) that needs an album about her.

The great thing about Boxer's classes is the class kit that you get for a small class fee. It's always an awesome kit with lots of extras for other projects.

For some reason Kendall and I weren't as prepared for this class as we should have been so we didn't get much done but their kits always have great colored instructions to take home. So I need to finish that up and get Maggie's pictures in it. I might have to order another kit and make an album of Wyatt too.

It was sad to have my sister and niece leave on Sunday but I so enjoyed having them here for a little while.

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John Reed Crop Day

Every year Kendall and I attend a crop for a local school. And I must say that the ladies that put it on make it better and better every year. And I love support our local events.

This is what my car looked like cause I waited until the last minute to get things together which basically meant I had to take my whole scrap room with me.

Kendall and I met that morning at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast, which is always yummy! And then headed over to the crop.

Now I am the type of scrapper that loves to have lots of room to spread out on and with this crop we got 6 ft of table space....HEAVEN!!!

Plus look at all the goodies that were waiting for us at our spaces.

After several trips to the car and chatting with a couple of friends that meet us there it was time to get some scrapping done. I am still working on our Disney trip from 2 years ago and am really hoping to have it finished this year but who knows...:)

Here are the layouts that I did get done for it at the crop.

Don't you just love the stars on the Star Wars layout. I found those in the party aisle at Target for $1.99 and they were just what I needed for that page.

I think my favorite one is the Haunted Mansion, everything just worked for that page.

And this is the layout that I did for my hubby cause he really does support me in my hobby.

Did I mention that they always have a wonderful raffle at this crop and this year was not exception. I ended up winning a basket full of goodies.

All in all it was a wonderful day filled with time spent with Kendall, scrapping and friends.

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Time to Catch Up!!

Wow, what a busy time the past month has been. I have been to a Scrapbook crop, a scrapbook convention, totally remodeled my living room and hosted Easter at our house.

To say that I am ready for break is an understatement. :) But I promise to catch you up with all of the things that I've done in the past month and post pictures.

But first I have to share something really yummy! Do you like coconut? If you do you will love these. The only place that I have been able to find them is our 7-11 store and at $1.05 a package they are a rare treat.

Keep checking back this week for all the things I've been up to in the month of March!!
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