Target $1 Spot

As you might remember from a few posts ago I bought myself a new bookcase for all of my albums at Target. Which I love but Sunday morning when I looked at the sale papers it was on sale for $30 less then what I bought it for. With me being out of work I have to save every penny I can so I took my receipt back to Target and they were so nice and gave me the sale price and refunded the difference.
So since I was already in the store I decided to check out the $1 spot to see if they had any good Halloween or Fall stuff yet.

And lo and behold they had the cutest apple scrapbook paper. So of a course I have to pick it up to scrap my applesauce making this summer. Then I saw the really cute fall and Halloween papers. So I had to pick those up too. And of course Kendall needed all of this paper too.

So all in all I only actually got $13.00 back for the bookcase but so worth it. Here are the papers that I got:



Nice little papers for a $1 and I can put them all to good use.

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The week from Hell

Hello, Hello , I am still here! Last week was a terrible week, I was sick from Monday until Saturday and spent 2 whole days in bed doing absolutely nothing, I couldn't even tell you what I watched on TV those days. And on top of that I had 2 job interviews and didn't get either job. How depressing!!! The only upside to being unemployed is that I didn't have to use any sick days.

But before I got sick I did make another Halloween card and wanted to share it with you.

I made the border on the side using my new EK Success punch that looks like Swiss cheese. I been waiting that punch for a while and finally broke down and got it when Michael's had their punches for 40% off. I am so glad that I did. This punch is going to be so much fun to use on different cards and layouts.

And yesterday since I was feeling better I spent some time in my scrap room and made a couple signs for my walls. I made both of them with stuff that I had in my stash, The Mary Engelbright stickers I've had forever and just love them. It was nice to use them on something that I will see every time I am in my room.

Well I need to go get somethings done this morning. I am putting a ham in the oven for dinner and making Macaroni salad. We are under Red Flag warnings until Tuesday at 6pm because of the heat that they are expecting us to have today and tomorrow. And with being sick all last week my house needs to be cleaned. So I am hoping to get it all done before the heats sets in.

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New Scrap Room

Well Labor Day weekend turned into a whole lot of labor in my house. But in the end it was all worth it. It started with my hubby deciding that we should try to make one of our spare rooms into some what of a guest room. Up until now, him and I had been sharing the larger of the 2 spare rooms as a joint craft room. 1 side was my scrapbook/craft area and the other side was his model train area. When we set this area up, it was so that we could spend more time together at night doing our hobbies. But as it turned out I was the only one really spending time in there and I didn't like it because it is at the back of the house.

So hubby's idea was that he was done playing with his train and would move it out and I could have the whole room to myself as long as we put a comfy chair, small table & lamp for him in there to sit in there and read while I scrapped. I had a better idea.

I would sell my piano (it sold in 30 minutes on Craigslist) that was in the small spare room/office and we could switch rooms. Put my scrap room in the bedroom by the living room that way we could still talk to each other and he could sit in his chair to read at night and watch sports on the big screen TV in the living room and make the back bedroom into the spare room.

And I would finally have my scrap/craft room where I wanted it.

So began the big move. Did I mention that hubby was "on call" for the weekend and it was hot here? Hubby works in the pump and well industry and summer is the busiest time for these guys. Hot weather means lots of out of water calls. In between doing lots of calls for help and the crazy piano lady, he helped me switch the 2 rooms. What a job!!!

Here it is Friday and finally I think everything is pretty much where it is suppose to be. After a little painting, sewing and shopping, my scrap room is 99% done.

So on with the pictures:

My closet:

Paper storage:

And finally the lovely new bookcase that I bought myself at Target. At last someplace to store my albums:

The only other thing I needed to do was change my pen/pencil and tool holder to match the new colors of the room. So here they are - Before and After.

I am thrilled with my new scrap space and plan on spending all of today in here playing. So have a great weekend.
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Just Busy..

It has been busy around here the last couple of days. Starting with last Friday (one of our hottest days around here). Got up in the morning to beat the heat and took these...

All 40 lbs of them and made this...

My hubby loves homemade applesauce so this might last until the end of the year but I doubt it. That took up my entire Friday and it was so hot. So Friday night hubby took me out to dinner at our favorite little Mexican place. When we got home it was still so hot and really weird weather with lots of clouds that we sat out in the backyard until 9pm and the had to come cause of the bugs.

Saturday was grocery shopping and company for dinner - that was fun!!

Sunday was spending time with hubby.

Monday was billing paying and office stuff (this is the most depressing day so far)

Yesterday was all about errands. I had to go to the bank, post office, Joann's and Target. So after I was done at Target I stopped at Office max and picked the cutest binder to hold all my odd and ends recipes that I print from the web and tear out of magazines.

I added "Recipes" to the front and spine and this is what I now have. I think it's pretty darn cute!

This afternoon I am going to have lunch with a couple of friends. We are doing a picnic and the weather is just right for it.

Before I go I do have some really GOOD news. Tomorrow morning I have a job interview and I am very excited so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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