A New Card

Here is a cute little card that I made for my sister.  Needed to get a note in the mail to her, she is in the middle of wedding preparations for my niece's wedding in July.  So I just wanted to let her know I was thinking about her.

Boy, Banners seem to be all the rage right now, I see them everywhere for everything.  So I was really glad that one of the monthly stamp sets I got from Stamps for Life was all about banners.  Not sure how much I would use these on a scrap page but they make a cute card.

If you haven't checked out this stamp club and are a stamper, I would so recommend that you do.  The quality of the stamps that you get is great and you can't beat their price.  I love it because once a month I get a new stamp set and never have to leave my house.
When you check out Stephaine's site make sure and watch some of the videos that she has posted, especially the 5 minute cards, they are too funny. 

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6 Disney Pages

Yeah I finally did it and got my Disney pages up for you to see.  It's only taken me a couple of week to do it.  Things have been extremely busy in our household and I never know where the time goes.

I am on the home stretch with this album and I hope to have it finally finished by summer's end.

This first layout is all Pirates and I have more to go.  They totally changed Tom Sawyer's Island into a whole Pirates themed area now.  I guess most kids now days don't even know who Tom Sawyer is so it makes sense.

Next up is California Adventureland.  It was so cute the way it was decorated for Halloween.

And of course we can't forget CARS, love this movie.

And finally the nightly parade at Disneyland.  I was bummed we didn't get some better pictures of this especially with Mickey and Minnie but that's ok.

So that's it, those are the 6 pages I have done so far this summer.  I have a couple of days off coming up and I hope to get a few more done.

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A Movie and a Book

Wednesday night in our house is Date Night. And even though our kids are grown and out of the house, this gives hubby and I a night to let ourselves go have fun.  It can be anything from a couple of rounds of mini golf to browsing at the local book store, going to dinner at our favorite Mexican place or catching the new releases of movies.  Last night we went to the movies and saw "Killers".  Now I love Ashton Kutcher, I think he is really funny and I love his camera commercials on TV.  Katherine Heigl, not such a big fan.  But I do have to admit she did a good job in this movie and didn't ruin it for me.  And I love Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara in it too.

So grab your honey, make it a Date Night and go see this movie for a couple of laughs.

The other thing I wanted to share is a book that I recently read.  It was a wonderful story and brought tears to my eyes.  Now I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Pit Bulls and I blame that on the media.  I never had a bad experience with one and neither has anyone in my family.  And when I cruise the local Animal Shelter website I see the most adorable pit bulls on there waiting to be adopted.  After reading this story I see them in a whole different light, they just want a good home and to be loved and taken care just like any other dog out there.  I have to admit I am still not brave enough to have one as a pet but I do see them in a different light, thanks to this story. 

So this is a story about a Pit Bull and a Man, both down on their luck, who end up saving each other.

Go check it out at your local library.  If you are a dog lover like me, you will like this book.  And maybe head over to your local animal shelters website and donate a few dollars if you go them to spare.

Let me know what good books you've read recently or what good movie you seen.

And I wanted to Thank everyone who stopped by yesterday to help solve my problem.  This is my summer project so I will let you know how it turns out.

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Pictures & Organizing

Here is what is sitting on my scrap table right now.

Yes a big pile of pictures that I just got back from Snapfish - which by the way their "deals" aren't that great as far as I am concerned.  Their shipping is outrageous. - anyways back to this pile.  I LOVE scrap booking except for the picture part of the whole process.  Don't get me wrong I love to take pictures and that's part of the problem.   I end up with a million pictures of one event and then have to decide which ones to use on my layouts.  Now I've gotten past the point of trying to use every picture I take but what to do with the leftovers???  And how to organize the ones I've printed?  And I am not one to leave pictures on my computer cause who can see them on there?

Now at this point if your looking for a great answer to these questions - join the club.  Because unfortunately I don't have any answers for you or me for that matter.  I've spent so much money trying to come up with a great way to organize pictures and no luck so far that I really like.

So how do you organize your pictures once they are printed?  Someone please give me a great way to get this pile off my scrap table, organize and still be able to find the pictures I am looking for to scrap. 

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Tri Fold Shutter Card

Yeah I finally got some time in my scrap room on Sunday and I wanted to share with you a really fun card that I made.  It's called a Tri Fold Shutter card.  I found great directions here http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/trishuttercard/ on how to make it.  Along with a video which is always great for me.

This card is going to my niece if I can bear to let go of it.  The fun thing about this card is everything that I used I found in my stash (In case I forgot to mention it I am on a scrapbook spending freeze for the month of June).  I've had these alpha stickers for so long I was afraid they weren't going to stick any more.  And I finally used some of the Studio G $1 stamps that I've been collecting forever for the hamburger, hot dog and "I Love Summer". The rest is just random things I had.

It actually felt good to make something and use things because I know that Jenna will appreciate it being a card maker herself.

If you get chance, try making this card and let me know how yours comes out.  I love to see other people's cards.

So here you go:

I am excited because Saturday I have a couple of girlfriends coming over to scrap for the day so I'll let you know how much I get done in between all the chatting.  And I still need to get those Disney layouts up and promise to do it this week.

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