Look what a $1 buys you...

Yep, for a $1 a piece at Joann's you can get these cute little birdhouses. Which turned out to be exactly what we needed for our RV project that we have been working on for vacation.

Didn't this just turn out so cute??? It's our "Welcome to our Camp" project. We wanted to doing something dog-themed but just couldn't find what we were looking for. So I spent Monday and Tuesday running around trying to figure something out for it. And came up with the idea of using birdhouses.

I went into our nearest Joann's and they had a big display of their $1 birdhouses. So I think it was meant to be because right before I went into Joann's I was in Beverly's Crafts and found the adorable red bird we used. I used Patio Paint on the birdhouses so that they will hold up being outside in the sunlight. Added some buttons and rub-ons for decoration and clear coated everything. The little Welcome sign is something that I picked up at Michael's on clearance for 74 cents. It had 2 fish dangling off of it but I just cut those off and saved them for another project. The letters on the Welcome sign I cut out of vinyl on the Cricut. The light on top is a leftover solar light from the front yard. Added a little green moss to it and there you have it!! Total cost for our little project was under $20.

Today I am working on a Birthday card for my Mom and hope to have it finished by tomorrow. But right now I am off to go grocery shopping. Have a great Friday!!!

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Shermin said...

The birdhouses are so adorable! Good thing they're cheap! :D

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