64 hours of total ME time....Bliss

Yes you read that right....64 hours all to myself.  It was heaven!!  Hubby and oldest daughter left for a 4 day fishing trip and the youngest and her BF were camping for the weekend, which left me all by myself.

So my weekend started at 2:30 Friday afternoon when I left work.  And it started with a trip to Michael's for all of these lovely supplies cause you know I needed them...LOL

After that a quick stop at MickeyD's for my favorite fast food and then over to Starbucks for one of these, which by the way was only $1.95 cause I hit their "Happy Hour"

It was home to start the weekend.  Friday night started with watching this movie which I love along with some Milk Duds (my favorites)

and then I went through and deleted and organized pictures so that I could upload 120 to SnapFish for their deal of 120 prints for $10.00 before it expired.  Then made a stop by Scrapbook Pal.com cause I am out of adhesive and I love their prices and free shipping for orders over $25.

And remember that Starbucks I had earlier?  Well I should have known better cause caffeine keeps me wide awake at night so I spend alot of time over at 2Peas catching up on stuff there.  Finally at midnight I got into bed (now this is the only part I don't like about hubby being gone, I hate being home alone at night).  But the dogs and I got comfy and drifted off to sleep at about 1 am.

Saturday morning we were up by 9am and after some coffee and a little reading.  I started a new book this weekend.

About 10:00 am I hit the scrap room for a good solid 5 hours of scrapping.  I am determined to get our Disney album done since it's only been 3 years since we were there.  So I figured that would be my project for the weekend.  Now since Amanda is with Hubby I took care of Henry for her so I had to stop and go check on him and spend alittle time with him.  He gets awful lonely when his mom is gone. (BTW Henry is a cat).

So I figured since I was going to be out I might as well really pamper myself and have these

and these done.

Then I decided to stop by Avenue to look for some new summer Capri's and lo and behold the were having a sale on T-shirts for $2.00 a piece - couldn't pass that up so I bought 5.

Once I was home again it was time to feed the dogs and me.  I LOVE Tacos but don't get them very often cause Hubby doesn't care for them. So this weekend I made myself Tacos for the whole weekend. 
Don't they look yummy!!!

Along with my favorite soda. 

Who could ask for anything more???  Oh I could,  how about some dessert???

After that it was back to the scrap room for a couple more hours.  Then off to bed where the dogs and I watched Dirty Dancing- another favorite of mine - before falling asleep.

Sunday morning was another sleep in until 9am morning, I could have slept longer but Wyatt had to go pee and he lets everyone know it when he has to go out.  So up we got.

This was breakfast along with a cup of coffee.

Spent the rest of the day until about 3pm scrapping and playing with stuff in my scrap room.  Although the one thing that I did today was spend sometime on EBay and boy was that a bad idea. :)  I ended up with 3 new cricut cartridges but one is for Kendall so I only got 2 but for all 3 of them I only spent $60.  Not bad!!!

Had to go and check on this guy again and make sure that he was OK.

Then came home and had dinner - TACOS.  Then it was back to real life for a bit as I cleaned the house alittle bit and paid some bills.

Sunday night was spent watching Army Wives and Survivors while finishing up my new book.

It has been a wonderful weekend and I got 7 more layouts done in our Disney album (I'll post them later this week).  But I do miss hubby and will be so glad to see him tonight when I get home from work.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.
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Tracy said...

You must have been in heaven. I know I would have been. Sigh lucky lady.

Sharla said...

That kind of time alone is totally heaven for me too, looks like you had the perfect weekend!!

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