What was I thinking????

Do you have any idea how much 360 is of anything?  Me neither until I ordered these:

I got an email from one of the Scrapbook Deal of the Day sites (I can't remember which one) about these flowers that you color to any color you want with chalk, ink pads, makers, etc.   When I saw I thought "Oh I need those" because I never have the right color flower when I doing a card or a layout.  So I ordered them for about $20.00 and waited for them to arrive.  
And boy was I shocked when that package arrived.  There are a ton of flowers in 360....and in all kinds of sizes.  Here's a close up so you can the different sizes.

So they have been sitting on my table waiting for me to open and use them.  But to tell the truth that big bag of flowers is a little scary.  But I got brave and opened them this weekend.  Now usually I am one of those people who saves scrapbook supplies for the perfect layout and I found myself doing that with these flowers.  I had thoughts of what if I screw them up when I color the 3 that I needed for my layout.   And then "ding, ding, ding" a bell went off in my head.  If I screw up the 3 that I need for my layout I have 357 more to play around with :)

I am glad that I have a daughter who scraps too, cause part of these flowers are going home with her this weekend.  And BTW, they color very nicely with an ink pad.  Haven't tried anything else but I will let you know.

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Scrap Our Stash Challenge said...

Looks like TONS of fun! :D Enjoy!

lyndon said...

I love to glimmer mist my flowers. There are so many different colours to choose from.

Have fun!

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