Cookie Jars

When I was growing up my Mom had this ugly cookie jar that sat on her counter.  It was a dark brown dog standing up holding a sign that said "Cookies" and it had a lite blue hat on.  I have such good memories of that cookie jar because it was always full of my Mom's homemade cookies.  My Dad wasn't much for store bought cookies so my Mom baked alot so that he had stuff for his lunch everyday.  And I can remember that my brother and I would always try to sneak cookies when Mom wasn't around.  But the darn lid on that cookie jar always gave us away and sure enough we would get in trouble for sneaking cookies.

My parents have moved out of the house that I grow up in and I am not sure what happened to that ugly cookie jar.  I am hoping that my Mom still has it somewhere. I might just have to call and ask but I am afraid of the answer I might get...

So in the meantime I went out this weekend and bought my very own cookie jar. I found this one at Pier One (fast becoming my favorite store).  I don't like alot of things on my counters but a cookie jar brings back great memories for me that I decided that I could make room.

So here is my new cookie jar.  I had to bake a double batch of cookies just to fill it up and rearrange things on the counter.  I made sure that it was right next to the coffee pot.   I love the little chalk board on the front where I can let my husband know what type of cookie he is getting.

Kinda funny the little things that bring us comfort in life.  Like a cookie jar.  What childhood comforts do you have in your home?

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Karen said...

Mmmm, love homemade oatmeal cookies!

Bella said...

That's so adorable! And I can't wait to have a cookie next time I'm down :-)

Tracy said...

Ohhh I love your cookie jar and your memory. How sweet.

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