So I am always reading on 2Peas about all the great deals everyone seems to find. Rarely do those great deals happen in any of our Micheals, Joanns or Wal-Mart. Its a disappointment to go to these stores hoping to score a good deal and find that they have the same old thing (wonder if that is cause I am in there too often...LOL).

Anyway today just happen to be my day at Joann's. Yes I scored!!!!! See what I got below:

Now I am sure this doesn't look like that big of deal but let me break it down for ya:

Debbie Mumm ribbons = $1.97

Tombow Mono Liquid glue = $1.97 each (noramlly $6.94 each)

DCWV Spring box of Cards 60 A2 cards & envelopes = $5.38

Not bad huh?? The only thing that took alittle bit of the happiness out of it was the sales person. I swear our Joanns has the snottiest sales people. Here is why:

I had a 40% off Michaels coupon with me and decided that I would use it on the glue because there wasn't a sale sign anywhere so I knew that it was going to be $6.94 but with 40% it wouldn't be too bad. So I ask the gal if I could use my coupon and her snotty reply was only on something that wasn't on clearence or something that I could get at Michaels. So I said like the glue? Her reply "Whatever" I was shocked but ok. So she starts ringing stuff up and tells me that I can't use the coupon on the glue because it is already on clearence for $1.97. SCORE!!!! So I run back and get the only other one that they had on the rack. When she is done ringing everything up, I ask her if there is anything that I could use my coupon on and she grabs it out of my hand and says she can only try. Well for some reason it took 40% off the clearence price of the DCWV cards (it was clearenced for $8.97) SCORE!!!!

So finally I got a great deal on something!!! And as I was looking at all the money I saved as I was walking out the snotty sales person was a faint memory.

What a good day! I hope that you score on a good deal soon too.

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Leigh said...

Wow, you did score. Way to go! I think I'm gonna take a trip to Michael's real soon. I won't go to our local Joann's. Had a major problem there and am now boycotting it.

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