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Good News! Belle came home today. So hopefully she is on the mend and will be back to her old self very soon. I know this makes Kendall very happy. She has missed her furbaby a lot the past week and a half.

The fishing trip was a big success!! Martin and Mandy had a great time and came home Sunday afternoon with 10 fish in the freezer. They both know me so well cause they took a picture of the fish in the RV freezer for the scrapbook. Awww, I have my family trained well…LOL So I am sure that BBQ fish will be on the menu before too long at our house. I don’t like fish so I will be passing on this particular meal…Thanks very much!

Martin took some beautiful pictures of Burney Falls . The water falls are just amazing!! Here’s one:

I’ve started working on my centerpiece for the 4th of July. We will be camping that weekend and I thought it would be fun to have something for the outside table. I will be posting pictures once I get closer to being done with it. Nothing spectacular but it is fun working on it.

Other then that we have a busy 2nd half of the week. Tonight is date night and we are going to see “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”, I’ve been excited about seeing this one since I first saw the previews. Loved the first one and I am not a big Ben Stiller fan. Tomorrow night is birthday shopping for Mandy, whose birthday is Friday. Then Friday night we are doing a BBQ with her friends for her birthday. So I have a lot to do in the next couple of days.

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