Just Busy..

It has been busy around here the last couple of days. Starting with last Friday (one of our hottest days around here). Got up in the morning to beat the heat and took these...

All 40 lbs of them and made this...

My hubby loves homemade applesauce so this might last until the end of the year but I doubt it. That took up my entire Friday and it was so hot. So Friday night hubby took me out to dinner at our favorite little Mexican place. When we got home it was still so hot and really weird weather with lots of clouds that we sat out in the backyard until 9pm and the had to come cause of the bugs.

Saturday was grocery shopping and company for dinner - that was fun!!

Sunday was spending time with hubby.

Monday was billing paying and office stuff (this is the most depressing day so far)

Yesterday was all about errands. I had to go to the bank, post office, Joann's and Target. So after I was done at Target I stopped at Office max and picked the cutest binder to hold all my odd and ends recipes that I print from the web and tear out of magazines.

I added "Recipes" to the front and spine and this is what I now have. I think it's pretty darn cute!

This afternoon I am going to have lunch with a couple of friends. We are doing a picnic and the weather is just right for it.

Before I go I do have some really GOOD news. Tomorrow morning I have a job interview and I am very excited so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks for stopping by...


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Katrina said...

That's a LOT of applesauce! But I haven't had homemade...so I am sure it's yummy!

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