New Scrap Room

Well Labor Day weekend turned into a whole lot of labor in my house. But in the end it was all worth it. It started with my hubby deciding that we should try to make one of our spare rooms into some what of a guest room. Up until now, him and I had been sharing the larger of the 2 spare rooms as a joint craft room. 1 side was my scrapbook/craft area and the other side was his model train area. When we set this area up, it was so that we could spend more time together at night doing our hobbies. But as it turned out I was the only one really spending time in there and I didn't like it because it is at the back of the house.

So hubby's idea was that he was done playing with his train and would move it out and I could have the whole room to myself as long as we put a comfy chair, small table & lamp for him in there to sit in there and read while I scrapped. I had a better idea.

I would sell my piano (it sold in 30 minutes on Craigslist) that was in the small spare room/office and we could switch rooms. Put my scrap room in the bedroom by the living room that way we could still talk to each other and he could sit in his chair to read at night and watch sports on the big screen TV in the living room and make the back bedroom into the spare room.

And I would finally have my scrap/craft room where I wanted it.

So began the big move. Did I mention that hubby was "on call" for the weekend and it was hot here? Hubby works in the pump and well industry and summer is the busiest time for these guys. Hot weather means lots of out of water calls. In between doing lots of calls for help and the crazy piano lady, he helped me switch the 2 rooms. What a job!!!

Here it is Friday and finally I think everything is pretty much where it is suppose to be. After a little painting, sewing and shopping, my scrap room is 99% done.

So on with the pictures:

My closet:

Paper storage:

And finally the lovely new bookcase that I bought myself at Target. At last someplace to store my albums:

The only other thing I needed to do was change my pen/pencil and tool holder to match the new colors of the room. So here they are - Before and After.

I am thrilled with my new scrap space and plan on spending all of today in here playing. So have a great weekend.
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Jingle said...

It looks like you have a great, organized space set up!!! Sometimes I want to take everything down and start from scratch just to get all clean and organized again! LOL

Bella said...

I love it! I can't wait to come down and see it in person! The bookshelf is adorable!

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