Target $1 Spot

As you might remember from a few posts ago I bought myself a new bookcase for all of my albums at Target. Which I love but Sunday morning when I looked at the sale papers it was on sale for $30 less then what I bought it for. With me being out of work I have to save every penny I can so I took my receipt back to Target and they were so nice and gave me the sale price and refunded the difference.
So since I was already in the store I decided to check out the $1 spot to see if they had any good Halloween or Fall stuff yet.

And lo and behold they had the cutest apple scrapbook paper. So of a course I have to pick it up to scrap my applesauce making this summer. Then I saw the really cute fall and Halloween papers. So I had to pick those up too. And of course Kendall needed all of this paper too.

So all in all I only actually got $13.00 back for the bookcase but so worth it. Here are the papers that I got:



Nice little papers for a $1 and I can put them all to good use.

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scrappinpsycho said...

Hey, I know where I'm going tomorrow after work! Thanks for sharing!

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