Friday Part 2

With my girlfriends coming over on Saturday to scrap I decided that I wanted to make a special dessert instead of the same old brownies that I seem to make. So I went through some of my cookbooks and found a recipe for A Candy Bar Pie. This looked so good and reminded me of my favorite pie (snickers Pie) at a restaurant in town that is now closed. So off to the store I went to get everything that I needed. BTW, this turned out to be an expensive pie to make.

First things first - Start out with the crust and bake for about 8 minutes.

Then once it's baked, line the bottom with snickers bars cut into pieces.

Mix together all the other ingredients including 12 oz of cream cheese and pour over the snicker bars.

And bake it for about 30 minutes.

Add the chocolate topping (which I forgot to take a picture of ) and let it chill for 3 hours.

It turned out great and very rich. Hubby had to sample it that night to make sure that it tasted good. The girls loved it and it was all gone by Sunday night.

It was a great day with my girlfriends even though a whole lot more chatting took place then scrapping. But I did manage to finish a layout for our Disney album.

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