Happy Friday!!

Where has this week gone? It seems like it was just Monday. I am glad the week is over cause Hubby is no longer "On Call" and we don't have to worry about him leaving in the middle of dinner.

So I've been working on a few projects this week and wanted to share the one that is most important to me at this time of year.

They are my holiday cards for Operation WriteHome. This is such a great organization and I love making cards for them. I started making cards when I first found out about them a little more then a year ago. And this year I have 2 nephews in Afghanistan so it's even more important to me to make sure our Servicemen and women know that people are thinking about them during the holidays. Even if your not a card maker, they can always use money donantions to get these cards over to our troops. If you haven't heard of them, here is a link to their website. http://operationwritehome.org/ Please go spend a few minutes checking them out and do what you can to help.

So here are the cards that I have finished so far. I still have a few more to make before I get them in the mail for the Nov. 1st deadline.

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