Beach Clock

So I am the type of person that needs to have a clock in almost every room of my house including my bathroom. And I just happen to find this clock kit at Big Lots for $3.99.

So I bought it and decided to use it in the bathroom but first I had to decorate it to fit the beach theme we have in our bathroom. So I pulled out all the beach themed embellishments that I had and came up with a great little set of Studio G stamps that I had picked up to use in our Disneyland album. And I had some ribbon and an ink pad that matched the paint color and a sand colored paper for the background. I used number stickers and circles for the clock part.

As I was getting everything together I decided that I should decoupage the background paper so that it could stand up to the steam from showers. I also pulled out my chalks to highlight the dye cuts that I was using.

So here it is the finished product. I am super happy with it and love having a clock in the bathroom again.

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Sasha said...

that is soo neat . . love that idea .. tfs ..yours turned out so good

scrappinpsycho said...

Super cute - I need one of these. Hope to go to BL tomorrow. Also the pie below sounds super YUMMMY! Hope to make it for Thanksgiving.
Love your blog!

CoveredInCrafts said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm jealous, our Big Lots doesn't have them. :( Yours is awesome!!

wholarmor said...

Very cool! I should go see if there are some at our Big Lots! I know what to get my friend for Christmas! She adores clocks!

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