Some Yummy Chocolate

So hubby was out of town this weekend quad riding so I planned lots of girl stuff for me. Friday night started out with a couple of girlfriends that I scrapbook with came over so we could watch the movie "New in Town" - I love this movie!! So after 3 bottles of wine and snacks at about 10 pm we settled down to watch the movie. Mind you this movie is only 1 1/2 hour long but we didn't finish until 1 am - we having too much fun and had to keep pausing it.

Saturday morning I went to a couple of craft fairs with Kendall and some shopping at Kohl's. We found some great jams at the craft fair and I bought the cutest little gingerbread girl candy dish. I will have to post a picture later of it. Such a cute idea and anyone could make it.

Saturday afternoon I met Amanda and a friend at our little museum where for this month they have an exhibit called "Schindler's List" (I loved this movie) and a local speaker who survived the holocaust. It was all very, very interesting. We are going back next Saturday for another speaker - a lady who is in our book club.

Saturday night was the best part. Not only did I get to spend the evening with my 2 daughters but there was Chocolate involved.

We went to this little Chocolate place down town that does Chocolate Fondue. It was so good!!!!

All that for only $20 - what a deal. They also have cases full of yummy looking desserts and chocolates...... I was in heaven!!!!

Needless to say that by Sunday I was exhausted but pleasantly so. Hope you had a good weekend to.
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