6 Disney Pages

Yeah I finally did it and got my Disney pages up for you to see.  It's only taken me a couple of week to do it.  Things have been extremely busy in our household and I never know where the time goes.

I am on the home stretch with this album and I hope to have it finally finished by summer's end.

This first layout is all Pirates and I have more to go.  They totally changed Tom Sawyer's Island into a whole Pirates themed area now.  I guess most kids now days don't even know who Tom Sawyer is so it makes sense.

Next up is California Adventureland.  It was so cute the way it was decorated for Halloween.

And of course we can't forget CARS, love this movie.

And finally the nightly parade at Disneyland.  I was bummed we didn't get some better pictures of this especially with Mickey and Minnie but that's ok.

So that's it, those are the 6 pages I have done so far this summer.  I have a couple of days off coming up and I hope to get a few more done.

Thanks for stopping by...

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Tracy said...

What they youth doesn't know who Tom Sawyer is?!
Maybe that's whats wrong with the youth today LOL.
Love your layouts. I have never been to Disney World. Hubby and I will get there when we are old and gray, ooops almost there teehee.

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