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Here is what is sitting on my scrap table right now.

Yes a big pile of pictures that I just got back from Snapfish - which by the way their "deals" aren't that great as far as I am concerned.  Their shipping is outrageous. - anyways back to this pile.  I LOVE scrap booking except for the picture part of the whole process.  Don't get me wrong I love to take pictures and that's part of the problem.   I end up with a million pictures of one event and then have to decide which ones to use on my layouts.  Now I've gotten past the point of trying to use every picture I take but what to do with the leftovers???  And how to organize the ones I've printed?  And I am not one to leave pictures on my computer cause who can see them on there?

Now at this point if your looking for a great answer to these questions - join the club.  Because unfortunately I don't have any answers for you or me for that matter.  I've spent so much money trying to come up with a great way to organize pictures and no luck so far that I really like.

So how do you organize your pictures once they are printed?  Someone please give me a great way to get this pile off my scrap table, organize and still be able to find the pictures I am looking for to scrap. 

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Anonymous said...

well I don't know if you will like my idea, because initially it is time intensive, but once you have done the worst of it - it is easy to keep up. What I do is... I buy cheap photo albums - 3 up - that you can add refills to... I try to keep them the same size.

Then I just put all the photos in there one by one... and they are in date/year order.

I know some keep them in photo boxes in their packets but I hate that - because you can't see the pics.

This way I can go to a particular year and grab the appropriate photos of an event to do a layout.

As I take them out to scrap - I just recycle the refills.

Anonymous said...

ps - I keep the negatives in the pack it comes in, and I keep THOSE in a photo box

Sasha Holloway said...

I usually get my pics on a CD but right now I print them myself at home .. on Matte photopaper .. just like printer paper but a little thicker and matte and they look great .. and cheaper

Tracy said...

I like to keep my photo's in my picture albums one per year. Then I just get a second copy of the ones I want to scrapbook.

Melissa said...

I hate to throw aways pics ( I do toss the blurry really bad ones that I printed for goodness what reason). The extra pics get put in an envelope and I keep it convenient so that I go through it from time to time. I like to use older photos to compare to current ones, to document phases that passed as quickly as they came. I have also used them for layouts like "if had know then what I know now"

Jenne said...

The blurry or messy ones get tossed, but I usually send an extras off to family members. I have a Grandmother & a couple of Aunts that don't do Facebook, so every couple of months I send them each a card with what ever left over pics I have split up between them. Makes them happy & keeps me from having to store them.

KB said...

Toss the bad ones after I download them to computer. Then I just print per LO. The extras I put in 4x6 photo sleeve by We are Memory Keepers be hind my LO or cut in half to use as a part of the LO (hope that make sence). That way I still have them to look at and I don't have to worry about storig them elsewhere.

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