Alice Springs Chicken.

I love Outback Restaurant and my favorite dish there is their Alice Springs Chicken.  So I was thrilled to find the recipe on this great blog Creating Post it notes. 

Of course it has been hotter then heck the last few days so using the oven was out of the question.  So hubby and I made it all on the BBQ.  We used a cast iron frying pan over coals for the bacon and mushrooms and the gas grill for the chicken.  It worked out pretty good even though it was still pretty warm outside and it was better then heating up the kitchen with the oven.

OMG!!  This recipe is fabulous and tastes pretty darn close to Outback.  So I am thrilled to have it  And will be one that I make again and again.  Although next time we are going to fillet the chicken breasts so that the mushrooms and bacon stay on a little better.

Here is a picture of the finished product.  It's not as pretty as Outback but oh so good!!!

Along with a green salad it was a great dinner.

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Tracy said...

These sound good. I have never been to an Outbacks restaurant.
Always need a new chicken recipe.

Sharla said...

Oh man, I love Alice Springs Chicken and that is the only thing I will order when I go to Outback!! I'm not much for cooking, but maybe, just maybe, I will have to try that recipe!!

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