Scooby Snacks

So our big guy Wyatt is allergic to pretty much all grains so we have to be very careful with what we give him, especially snacks.  He is on a special dog food and we can always tell when he gets in to Maggie's food cause his tummy gets lots of  little sores all over.  He already has lupus so we try to be careful with him and baby him more then we should.

Here's a picture of the big baby just in case you forgot how cute he is :)

When we were in Oregon I came across these snacks

I was so happy because they came in several different flavors and there are no grains in them, they are made in the USA and certified organic by the State of Washington.  So they make Wyatt happy and Mom happy (and Maggie too).  And the other day I found them on sale at Petco for less then $5.00 a box so I stocked up and now he is a super happy boy.

And I have the cutest layout that I want to do using the paw prints on the box.

Thanks foe stopping by...

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