Family Camping Scrapbook

So we just had our 2nd Annual Campfest family camping weekend and it was a blast.  But before hand I decided that the kids needed a scrapbook that I could add pages to every year for them.  Since there are 6 kids and they are all couples I decide one book for each couple and I decided to do it in a 9x9 album.
Hubby volunteered to help with the design and layouts.  This turned out to be harder that I thought because we have a million pictures and it was hard not to use all of them.  But I knew if we were going to get these done in time I needed to keep it simple.  So I came up with categories.  Family and Friends, Food, Games and Special events.   And printed out the pictures in 2x4 sizes.  This is what we came up with and I just am so happy with the way they came out.  The title page is designed with Cricut's Old West cartridge which is fast becoming my favorite.  We also had t-shirts made with this design and I will post pictures later.  The shirts are adorable and we did them in blue so everyone would be happy with the color.

And the best part about this is one day I was at Michael's trying to figure out how much paper and what paper I would need to make 3 albums and I came across these great camping paper pads and they were on sale for 40% off.  So I snatched up the last 3 that they had and they were perfect.  They not only had camping paper but also borders, vellum sayings, die cuts and were a nice quality.  
And because the 9x9 albums were so hard to find and I ended up ordering them online at Ritz cameras, I also bought a bunch of refills so that I can keep adding pages for everyone.

So what do you think?  Any suggestions for next years pages?

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DebW said...

great album! I love the photos of the vintage campers!

Tracy said...

I Love your album and idea. I think my favourite page is "RVing Old Style :)

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