Easter Treats!!

I love holidays - always have always will but as my kids have gotten older and are now grown up I always have that internal struggle of "should I or shouldn't I" of doing Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. And in the end the part of me that loves the holidays wins and I end up doing them. But it seems always at the last minute. And this Easter was no different.

The day before Easter I decided that yes my kids still need Easter baskets even if they are grown adults. So off I went to Target hoping there was still some good stuff left in the stores.

Once I got home I had to decide what I was going to put everything in. Last year I did chocolate bunnies for everyone with just one basket full of candy - but I didn't like that.

So I got out my Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge and cut out 6 of the nut cups as big as I could make them. Next I found some Easter patterned paper, a lacy punch, my cuttlebug and embossing folders and came up with these. They held just enough goodies for everyone and looked a little more grown up on the table.

Here are some close up of them:

I think they came out rather cute for a last minute idea. And everyone was happy to get them along with their chocolate bunnies. And it was so nice that I had all the supplies I needed right here in my scrap room. That's one of the pluses to having a lot of stuff :)

However, I have decided that no more last minute holiday projects. I like doing Easter baskets and stockings at Christmas and I am not going to fight it anymore. So I've already started on what I want to do at Christmas this year.

I hope that all of you had a fun Easter and also got a chocolate bunny or Easter basket.

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Tracy said...

I still do the holiday treats with my girls. The two older ones asked me when am I going to stop hiding eggs. I told them you are never to old to have fun. When hubby and I were 1st married with no kids, we would hide chocolate eggs for each other teehee.

Stephanie said...

Those are adorable!! I love them! I don't think I'll ever give up doing little things like this for my kiddos. :)

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