No More Rain

I like rainy Sundays as much as the next person but this has got to stop.  It poured on Easter Sunday and this past Sunday it poured again.  It's April and we got over 2 inches of rain.  That just doesn't happen in April were I live most years.  We are so over saturated with rain I don't think my yard is ever going to dry out.

But I will say this, at 5 pm Sunday afternoon hubby was outside BBQing (Thank God for a covered patio) and called for me to come out there.  When I got out there this is what I saw.

And that made our rainy Sunday perfect!!

I am hoping that was our last Sunday like that but I am thinking Mother Nature has other ideas cause they are already talking more rain this weekend.  I am beginning to feel like we live in Washington instead of California.

How's your weather been?  Normal for this time of year?  Let me know I am not alone :)

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Marlene said...

Beautiful rainbow pic! Our weather has been pretty great for most of April, actually. (I'm in Pennsylvania). We did have a stretch for about a week there where we were getting temps in the 80's and even the 90's and broke a record or two. (That's a bit much for April!) We're back down to just above seasonable temps now...high 60's for the most part.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous rainbow!!

We've been hot. In the mid/high 80s, but going to the mid/high 90s this week!

Tracy said...

I wish we would get some rain. We did get a bit of snow on Sunday.

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