Here are the Critters

I was just thinking the other day that the name of my blog is " Crafts and Critters" but I've yet to put up pictures of Maggie & Wyatt.  Over the weekend I finally got some decent pictures of them and thought I would share.  I am not a very good pet photograph but I pratice alot and these 2 now run when I have the camera out :)

This is my little Queen Maggie - she rules the house and everyone in it.
She is my shadow and every where that I go she follows.  She crawls in bed with me every night and then proceeds to push hubby out.

And this is Wyatt Earp - I caught him right as he was getting ready to take a nap, so he doesn't always look this grumpy.   Usually he is the biggest doofus with the best personality.   Even though he is 70 lbs., he is pretty much a big baby and runs to Mom when ever he is scared.

So these are our 2 furbabies.  Spoiled rotten and well loved.  Can't imagine what a day would be like with them not around.

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Rach H said...

Oh my precious!!!!

Marlene said...

So adorable!!! :)

I love dogs....though my little shih-tzu left me with a few little "presents" lately, so it's been hard to "love" him lately. Ok, not really....I love him anyway...even with the poops!

Tracy said...

They are so cute.

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