25 Days of Dec. - 5 months later

So last December I saw a challenge on 2 Peas about taking a picture for 25 days in December and then making an album about it. I thought this was a great idea, we have a lot of family traditions when it comes to the holidays and it would be great to have an album with all of them in one place.

Yeah nice thought and all but here it is Memorial Day weekend and that album is still not finished. So yesterday when I was purging and cleaning my scraproom I decided that my goal for this weekend is to get that album done and off my table. And since I have a girlfriend coming over later today to scrap it should be no problem. Oh except that we are going to Tuesday Morning first and then maybe lunch, so we will see how far I actually get with it.

In the meantime, here is a look at what I have finished in it so far.

The really funny thing about this album is you would not believe how many of the pictures I had to go back and restage because I forgot to take them when it was happening. But all in all it was a fun challenge to do and I am glad that I have pictures of all of our traditions.
Happy Memorial Day!!
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Suz said...

Very cute album.

Happy Memorial Day

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