Update & Mother's Day

Geez I finally learn how to do a blog and I came down with the mother of all head colds and felt awful for all of last week. Couldn't even hardly go to work for most of the week that's how bad it was. But Thank God I am feeling much better this week.

The Mister and I both took a couple days off and made it a long weekend. It was heaven, especially after being sick. We took the RV and dogs and headed out to the Russian River with some friends for 4 days. The weather was beatiful and the dogs spent alot of time in the water. I think we finally wore them out by Sunday afternoon. They layed around camp in the sunshine napping while we all played cards. I didn't realize how much sun there was and came home with a very burnt nose and forehead.....ouch!!!

Anyway, since we weren't home on Sunday, we did a belated Mother's Day dinner with the girls on Tuesday night. We had a great BBQ dinner of London Broil, mashed potatoes with gravey and ceasar salad. Yummy!

We also had a great cake for dessert. After that it was gift time. My girls got me this....

Yipppee! I've been wanting a deep fryer for a while but just hadn't gotten around to getting one. I've wanted one to be able to make apple fritters, donuts and onion rings.

So all in all it was a great Mother's Day and I have 2 wonderful daughters to prove it.

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